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Guru Rinpoche & Lineages

In this online shop section, we feature various thanka paintings of tibetan lineages and gurus, masters of Sakyapa, Nyingmapa, Kagyupa, Gelugpa Traditions. We have exclusive range of Tibetan Guru Thangka paintings like Guru Rinpoche or Padmasambhava, Karmapa tanka, Lineage like Tilpoa, Naropa, Marapa, Gampopa, Mila raspa, Tsongkhapa, Lingpa, various lineage sect Refugee Tree Thanka and many more ... 

Our thanka paintings are painted on cotton canvas using high quality poster colors, natural mineral colours & 24 carat Gold paste colors. All our thangka paintings are painted based on tibetan buddhist ritual text books by a very experienced monk artist. 

Please do feel free to have a look at our online display, if you are looking something different other than collection, kindly contact us. 

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